Nazier Mohamed.A.R
Member of FIEO & (G & JEPC)



Diamond is the King of Gems. Diamond comes from the Greek word, "adamus" which means unconquerable. It is one of the most powerful stones. The reason that diamonds are special in the gem world is that they are the most durable. They are the hardest natural substance in the world. This means that almost nothing can scratch a diamond (except another diamond). Another characteristic that makes diamond inherently valuable is its luster: it reflects light very well. A polished facet of a diamond is almost mirror-like in its reflection. Finally, diamond is special as a mineral because it makes rainbows

Diamonds can give quick results to their wearers. Diamonds. It is said to signify purity and innocence. Has always been associated with strength and good luck. Gives calm sleep and takes away nightmares. Reflects light and thought and will absorb all energies, both positive and negative. It focuses on the brain, takes away blocking and strengthens the brain function. A stone for peace. It can help you achieve material wealth and prestige. Wearing diamonds promotes material happiness, life span, prosperity, comfort, good harvests, artistic ability, creativity, marital happiness, physical and mental purity, patience, fearlessness, and good manners. Diamonds also create good feelings





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